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Welcome to SGS Engineering LLC

A Bit About Us

Since 2007, SGS Engineering LLC has become an essential part of the Lubbock, and surrounding communities by promoting innovative ideas that enhance the future. Through a variety of engineering services, we use the latest technologies to improve the way our communities run. Our range of services encompasses most facets of the electric utility design, construction, and operation.

What We Do

You come to SGS and request a new Long Range Plan.  We deliver one to you, a 12 year plan.  The plan includes projected load growth which results in system improvements being required over the time frame of the study.
You come to SGS and request a new 4 year Construction Work Plan.  We deliver a new work plan which includes some projected load growth which results in system improvements being required in the near future.
In the Work Plan a new substation is required to be installed.  We design a station to meet your needs referencing the LRP and CWP for basic guidance.  You purchase the land for the new station.  SGS takes the project from dirt to commissioning and hands over a station to you ready to be energized.
The substation requires a transmission line.  Again we reference the LRP and CWP for basic parameters of the line.  We design the line to the substation, guide the purchase of all of the material, and take care of all of the construction requirements.
The new substation requires feeder exits, overhead or underground, which we design.  The existing distribution circuits adjacent to the new station need to be modified to accommodate the new station feeders.  SGS provides all of the design to integrate the new substation into your distribution system.
With the re-configuring of the distribution system around the new station a new sectionalizing study for the area is necessary.  SGS re-sectionalizes the existing stations as required and sectionalizes the new station.
The new substation needs to be incorporated into your existing SPCC Plan.  SGS provides the documentation for the update.
The new substation needs to be integrated into your SCADA system.  SGS takes care of those complete requirements.
You now have the perfect substation.  The reason it is the perfect station is because it was planned and fully integrated into your system.


We specify major equipment items, transformers, breakers, Circuit Switchers, and relay equipment.  We also develop a package specification and design drawings.  The package includes steel, buswork, grounding, arresters, switches, etc.  We get bids from selected vendors, evaluate the bids, and make a recommendation for you to issue a purchase order to the vendor.  We have you purchase major equipment items separately to get the best price for each, and so that we maintain control of the final product through our review all of the approval drawings. We put together a construction contract including construction specifications and drawings.  This provides an agreement between you and the contractor as well as details of the construction. Finally, We develop all of the settings and relay programming for the substation and install those in the relays during commissioning.  We make sure that all of the controls and protection are working as designed before turning the station over to you for energization.


The transmission group has a broad range of transmission line design experience and expertise, from 46 kV to 345 kV, from #4/0 wire to 1272 MCM, single or bundled conductor.  They can help evaluate what type of structure is the most cost effective for a particular project, wood, concrete, steel, or miscellaneous other material.  There are many factors that affect what structure is best, conductor size, loading requirements, guying capability, etc.  You may just want them to assist with the application of your particular pole type choice.

We evaluate and analyze every aspect of a line design and often times compile that data into a Design Data.  The Design Data includes conductor analysis, sag/tension calculations, operating temperatures, clearance calculations, ROW analysis, conductor motion information, lightning performance, insulator swing, environmental data, meteorological data, structure data, and loading information of manufactured structures.


We can provide device coordination studies for a complete system, for a single substation area, or for one feeder.  These studies document the study process and include updated fault current values and recommended device summary details and locations.  These studies confirm coordination of transmission protective devices with the substation transformer protective device, the coordination within the substation, and finally the station feeder device coordination with the system line devices. Sectionalizing studies should be updated periodically as system changes remote from your system may affect coordination of devices on your system.  We recommend an update every five (5) years.


Long Range Plans, One to Four Year Work Plans, Feasibility and Reliability Studies, Line Loss Analysis, Capacitor Requirements, Regulator Requirements, Sectionalizing/Overcurrent Protection Studies, and Spill Prevention Plans.  Work Plan Amendments can usually be prepared on short notice as needed.  We can use your calculations prepared by your staff; we can prepare the calculations ourselves, or we can use a combination of procedures.  Our goal is to provide you with the most flexible and useable study every time.

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